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Your visit to The Healing Circle

Harite explains what you can expect!

Welcome to The Healing Circle!

The Healing Circle is a monthly holistic healing event situated in the heart of the colourful and lively Brixton neighbourhood. Since the first event on February 19th which coincided with the Full Moon, a group of practitioners have come together in the shared space of the Brixton Pound Café to give treatments to people who want to support themselves in a relaxing and friendly environment.

The five practitioners assist people who visit the Healing Circle in their personal growth, mindset, body and spirit. People choose from shiatsu, reflexology and massage to support the on their journey to feeling great by relieving physical or emotional aches and pains.

What to expect when you arrive

I host the Café area and ensure people have everything they need. As you enter the Brixton Pound Café, you receive a warm welcome and the option of a free herbal tea as you wait for your treatment to begin. I help people to feel comfortable so that they can get the most from their treatment.


A free personal consultation is carried out by each practitioner before the treatment to ensure it is tailored to your needs. You are then invited into the healing space for your treatment. The warmth, gentle lights and beautiful energies radiate a feeling of calm and peacefulness. All of this is created with you in mind to support you on your journey to wellness.

After the treatment

I notice an immediate transformation in every person after their treatment - a new life-force has awakened inside. I see a natural glow in the face, in how people express themselves and most recognisably, in their eyes. We love seeing the change in people who have had the opportunity to re-connect with themselves, and take charge of their self-care, and seeing this energises all the practitioners at The Healing Circle. There is a natural flowing stream of energy in clients as they talk to others in the space, while enjoying a tea.

In the Café we supply nourishing offerings for people to enjoy after their treatment. A light refreshment helps bring you back to earth and provides the energy some people need for their journey home. Offerings to date have involved biscuits, grapes, cake and most recently, sugar-free energy balls! They were homemade by Amber and her daughter Jahzara. They were very popular! You can find the recipe here.

People at The Healing Circle

The Circle is strong and continually growing naturally - our upcoming event on May 23rd is quite incredibly our fourth event. We are excited to host a new practitioner this month - Gayle will be offering reiki.

We have had the great pleasure of seeing all walks of life entering our space - both new and familiar faces. We always love a chat in the Café before and after the treatments, to get to know clients' backgrounds and the exciting things that people in London do in their lives and paths.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our healing space and supporting you on your journey to feeling well and staying well.

You can book here for treatments on Thursday 23rd May.

I look forward to meeting you!


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