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We are back at the Brixton Pound Cafe!

After the success of our first event, we knew we had to return.


After the success of our first event last month, The Healing Circle is coming together again on Tuesday 19th March to offer several holistic treatments, in the calming space at this community cafe.


Some of these treatments evolved from practices in Japan and China, where these healing modalities are a normal way for people to keep well and stay well: prevention rather than cure. Now, people in the West are starting to appreciate the power of a holistic approach to healing, that treats the whole of you rather than one little part. It is great to enjoy these treatments alongside Western medicine.


We are five practitioners who live all over London. Sarah and Amber have lived in Brixton for over ten years. They both love the food at the Brixton Pound Cafe, which is run by volunteers and part-time staff. The Cafe uses money from the space hire to run the Cafe, and operate on a Pay What You Can model. In this way, it is accessible to as many people as possible in the local community.


To book a treatment, click BOOK NOW on the home page.


We look forward to meeting you!







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