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Is The Healing Circle for you?

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Living in a busy fast-paced city like London can be tiring. It is easy to fall into a pattern of feeling just "medium well" - so you may not feel the need for medication, but you suspect you could feel better than you do!


Whether it's back pain, low mood, an irritable stomach, feeling disconnected from people around you, or wanting to feel more in control of your life, there are a range of healing modalities that can support you on your journey to feeling well and staying well.

For some clients, our treatments are often a positive first step on a path to healthier patterns, and improving their self-care. The Cafe area, hosted by Harite, is also an opportunity to relax over a herbal tea, chat and connect with others. Equally, we welcome people who would prefer to have their own space.


If you want to take action to help your body or mind, and if you are unwell or want to maintain the good health you're in, The Healing Circle treatments are here to help. People who visit are often also intrigued by receiving a treatment in a shared space.

Healing in a shared space

The Healing Cirle is a firm believer in the power of coming together to offer our treatments in a shared space. Many people prefer this set-up to being treated one-to-one. With five practitioners treating people together, the energy of the room is amplified, which enhances the treatment experience, helping clients relax and be open to receive the treatments.

To set up the shared space, the practitioners come together at the beginning of the evening, before clients arrive, to unite in an energy circle in which we connect our ki, our energy, with everyone else. We all carry a unique frequency that vibrates - our 'vibe' - in a way that impacts everything around us. By harmonising our ki, and set our intention, we set our own vibe and this ripples throughout the space.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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