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How to do self-reflexology

The best way to benefit from reflexology is to visit a qualified reflexologist for a treatment, so you know you can totally relax, leaving your feet in good hands! Working on the feet is an extremely effective and powerful way of treating the whole person. The feet are incredible - with 70,000 nerve endings, and almost seventy acupuncture points,they connect to every part of our body, which is why foot reflexology is so effective.

The other way to enjoy reflexology is to take two minutes each day, whenever it suits you, to give yourself some TLC, via the feet. Gently rubbing both feet for a couple of minutes, being careful with any tender or sore areas, is an easy and effective recharge that will benefit your whole body, not just your feet!

Self-reflexology explained

In between reflexology appointments you can support yourself with some easy self-care by applying gentle pressure to some reflex points and techniques on your feet.


Self-reflexology for anxiety

If you are feeling anxious or would just like to feel more relaxed, give the short routine below a try. Following these simple guidance will help you feel calmer and more grounded. This is a sensation of feeling at peace in your mind, and more at home in your body, with less of the dripfeed of thoughts that can prevent us from relaxing and getting the downtime that is so important for a balanced way of living.

  1. Walk your thumb in a caterpillar motion across the diaphragm line (see the diagram above) 3 or 4 times - this will help relax your diaphragm which will also help to relax your breathing.

  2. Hook into the adrenal reflexes on both feet using your thumbs. Hold for a minute. This has a very relaxing effect on the whole body.

  3. Press firmly with each thumb into the solar plexus reflexes which are located on the mid-point of the diaphragm line on each foot. Breathe deeply as you do this, hold for a few seconds and then release the pressure on your outbreath. Repeat this three times

How did you get on? Let us know in the comments below!

If you would prefer a one-to-one treatment, drop us a message through the website to arrange an appointment. I offer home visits and treatments from a quiet, relaxing space in Brixton.

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